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God on Mute: Engaging the Silence of Unanswered Prayer Spiral-Bound | September 22, 2020

Pete Greig

★★★★☆+ from 1,001 to 10,000 ratings

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From the founder of the global 24-7 Prayer movement and the best-selling author of How to Pray, Pete Greig, God on Mute asks timeless questions about what it means to suffer and to pray, and then suffer through silence because your prayers seem unanswered. This updated edition has a new foreword by the Archbishop of Canterbury and a new forty-day Lenten devotional.

An honest, soul-searching pursuit of biblical answers to one of Christianity's most challenging questions: What do you do when God meets your prayers with silence?

Many of us have struggled with prayers that seem to go unanswered, and Pete Greig has been down that difficult road of doubt. This book is both intensely personal and deeply theological—a book born out of his wife Sammy's fight for her life after a horrifying diagnosis.

The acclaimed author of Red Moon Rising wrestles with the hard side of prayer, how to respond when there seem to be no answers, and how to cope with those who seek to interpret our experience for us.

For those struggling with prayer, God on Mute brings a message of hope and comfort, but also a better understanding of how we communicate with our Creator. Using the timeline of Holy Week (from Maundy Thursday through Easter Sunday) as a template, Greig explores four main questions about prayer from all angles:

  • How am I going to get through this?
  • Why aren't my prayers being answered?
  • Where is God when he seems silent?
  • When every prayer is answered...what does that mean?

Silence in response to our most heart-felt prayers is the hardest thing for a person of faith to wrestle with. The world collapses. Then all goes quiet. Words can't explain what we're going through. People avoid you and don't know what to say. So you turn to Him and you pray. You need Him more than ever before. But somehow even God Himself seems on mute. And this sinks into us with a sense of futility...

But even in this crushing silence, there is a way forward. Here is a story of faith, hope, and love beyond all understanding.

Includes guide for group discussion.

Publisher: HarperCollins
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Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars 1,001 to 10,000 ratings
'God on Mute is a masterpiece. I cannot recommend it highly enough.'

Pete Greig cofounded and champions the 24-7 Prayer movement, which has reached more than half the nations on earth. He is a pastor at Emmaus Rd. in Guildford, England, and has written a number of bestselling books, including Red Moon Rising, Dirty Glory, and How to Pray.