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Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim’s Tale Spiral-Bound |

Ian Morgan Cron

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In Chasing Francis, Pastor Chase Falson has lost his faith-and he did it right in front of the congregation of his megachurch. Now the elders want him to take some time away. Far away. Follow Chase's spiritual journey all the way to Italy as he rediscovers his faith in the footsteps of Francis of Assisi.

What happens when the pastor of a mega church loses his faith? Discover one man’s life-changing journey to resolve his crisis of faith in Italy by retracing the footsteps of Francis of Assisi, a saint whose simple way of loving Jesus changed the history of the world.

Pastor Chase Falson lost his faith in God, the Bible, evangelical Christianity, and his super-sized megachurch. When he fell apart, the church elders told him to go away—as far away as possible. Broken, Chase crossed the Atlantic to Italy to visit his uncle, a Franciscan priest. There, he was introduced to the revolutionary teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi and found an old, but new way of following Jesus that heals and inspires.

Chase Falson's spiritual discontent mirrors the feelings of a growing number of Christians who walk out of church asking, Is this all there is? This book is perfect for believers who are:

  • Weary of celebrity pastors and empty calorie teaching
  • Disappointed by worship services where the emphasis is more on Lights, Camera, Action than on Father, Son, and Holy Spirit 
  • Tired of the deepest questions of life remaining unaddressed and unanswered
  • Remain hopeful and seek to strengthen their faith

Hidden in the past lies the future of the church. Explore the life of a saint who 800 years ago breathed new life into disillusioned Christians and a Church on the brink of collapse. Chasing Francis is a hopeful and moving story with profound implications for those who yearn for a more vital relationship with God and the world.

Publisher: Zondervan
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Ian Morgan Cron is a bestselling author, psychotherapist, Enneagram teacher, Episcopal priest, and the host of the popular podcast Typology. His books include the Enneagram primer The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery, which has sold over one million copies; the novel Chasing Francis; the spiritual memoir Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me; and The Story of You: An Enneagram Journey to Becoming Your True Self.