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Rick Warren

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Speaking with bold wisdom to anyone feeling discouraged or overwhelmed, Pastor Rick Warren--the author of one of the top-selling books in publishing history, The Purpose Driven Life--returns with a fascinating exploration of six phases of faith God uses to fulfill his dreams for each of us.

Pastor Rick Warren will help you understand the process God uses to fulfill the dreams He gives you.

A great dream is a statement of faith. Whether you dream of creating something beautiful or accomplishing something incredible, your dream is the first step God uses to develop your spiritual maturity and change your life. The Bible is full of stories of people whose God-given dreams became reality—but to get there, they had to take a journey of faith.

In Created to Dream, beloved author of The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren reveals how God uses six phases to develop your spiritual maturity while fulfilling the dreams he gives you. Each phase is a test of your faith, bringing you closer to your goal:

  • Phase 1: Dream—God puts an exciting dream in your heart.
  • Phase 2: Decision—You make the decision to go after the dream.
  • Phase 3: Delays—God allows delays to get you ready for the dream.
  • Phase 4: Difficulties—You face problems that grow your character.
  • Phase 5: Dead Ends—You hit an impasse that God uses to deepen your faith further.
  • Phase 6: Deliverance—God fulfills the dream, sometimes in ways you hadn’t expected or imagined.

Knowing these six biblical phases of faith will allow you to stop wondering if you’ll succeed or what you're doing wrong and begin looking instead for God's way forward so that you can be prepared for all that God has dreamed for your future.

God's dream for your life awaits you!

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A Time magazine cover article named Rick Warren the most influential spiritual leader in America and one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Tens of millions of copies of Pastor Rick's books have been published in 200 languages. His best-known books, The Purpose Driven Life and The Purpose Driven Church, were named three times in national surveys of pastors (by Gallup, Barna, and Lifeway) as the two most helpful books in print.

Rick and his wife, Kay, founded Saddleback Church, the Purpose Driven Network, the PEACE Plan, and Hope for Mental Health. He is the cofounder of Celebrate Recovery with John Baker.

Pastor Rick has spoken in 165 nations. He has spoken at the United Nations, US Congress, numerous parliaments, the World Economic Forum, TED, Aspen Institute, and lectured at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and other universities.

Rick is executive director of Finishing the Task, a global movement of denominations, organizations, churches, and individuals working together on the Great Commission goals of ensuring that everyone everywhere has access to a Bible, a believer, and a local body of Christ.