Sacred Spaces: Everyday People and the Beautiful Homes Created Out of Their Trials, Healing, and Victories Spiral-Bound | April 18, 2023

Carley Summers

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A gorgeous photography collection featuring home interiors and profiles of the people who have transformed these spaces into sanctuaries, calling you to create your own sacred space.

Before she became an internationally renowned designer and photographer, Carley Summers suffered from alcoholism and addiction, spending nights in jail, emergency rooms, and rehab. As someone who celebrates recovery today, she knows firsthand the importance of a warm and inviting home. Summers uses her life and craft as a designer to ensure that the homes she photographs and designs are comforting, healing spaces to live and grow in.

Sacred Spaces takes readers on a beautifully photographed journey inside fourteen homes, from North Carolina and California to Canada, France, and Morocco, as Summers uncovers the vulnerable stories behind each one: a mother who used her kitchen to heal her son with food; a woman who found her sanctuary after overcoming childhood abuse. She even offers a tour of her mother’s home as well as her own. Along the way, she identifies the types of sacred spaces people have created, including:

  • The Foundational Home—features those who have created spaces on a solid foundation for a lasting legacy.
  • The Wandering Home—highlights people who were lost in life, lost in travels, but never lost in their home.
  • The Cathartic Home—showcases people who realize that when they cannot change the outside world, they can change the inside of their homes to bring comfort through renewal and restoration.

This collection is a balm for those seeking a refuge in a world fraught with struggle and heartache. Through stories of brokenness, hurt, and healing, Sacred Spaces invites readers to dream of the home that will set them free.
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Original Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 304 pages
ISBN-10: 0593241002
Item Weight: 2.9 lbs
Dimensions: 8.4 x 1.0 x 10.3 inches
Customer Reviews: 3 out of 5 stars 31 to 100 ratings
“Carley Summers has an eye for beauty and a way of capturing not just gorgeous, layered interiors but also the powerful stories that the interiors hold. This book is brimming with heart and healing, and it is a moody, visual feast that will leave you feeling full in the best way possible.”—Justina Blakeney, designer, author, and founder of Jungalow

Sacred Spaces accomplishes what many design books miss—it shows the heart of the home and the heart of people. Through Summers’s interviews, we see a human element, including her own story, which reminds us that we are inseparable from what we call home. These stories and brilliant photographs will inspire you to honor your space as sacred and make real change in your life.”—Bobby Berk, design expert and Emmy-nominated host of Queer Eye

“I’m completely in awe of how Carley Summers was able to pull together so many beautiful stories and gorgeous photos of the homes and their owners in one stunning book! This is not a book that will just sit on a shelf or on a table. This is a book that one will read and be inspired by over and over again.”—Eddie Ross, author of Modern Mix and cofounder and chief content creator of Maximalist Studios
Carley Summers is an interior designer and photographer. She graduated with a fine arts degree focused on photography and painting. With interior photography, Carley helps clients and brands narrate their stories. With interior design, Carley creates a truly sacred space for clients and their loved ones to enjoy. She and her husband live in North Carolina. 

Author Residence: Greenville, NC

Author Hometown: Greenville, NC