Think Like a Horse: Lessons in Life, Leadership, and Empathy from an Unconventional Cowboy Spiral-Bound | May 31, 2022

Grant Golliher

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In Think Like a Horse, veteran “horse whisperer” and leadership expert Grant Golliher applies his hard-won horse sense to teach invaluable lessons anyone can use to live a fuller, more successful life.

Grant Golliher is what some would call a “horse whisperer,” able to get a wild horse to calmly accept a saddle and a rider without the use of force. Through training thousands of horses, many traumatized or abused, Golliher was able to learn essential lessons about communication, boundaries, fairness, trust, and respect—lessons that apply not just to horses but to humans as well. It’s why celebrities, Fortune 500 ex­ecutives, professional coaches, supreme court justices, and even ordinary families from around the world flock to his Wyoming ranch every year to take part in what one CEO called “the most transformational experience I have ever encountered.”
Horse whispering may sound like magic, but as Grant explains in Think Like a Horse, it’s not really all that mysterious. The lessons he shares are as fundamental and ageless as the relationship between horses, the people who ride them, and the beauty of the West. In fact, it’s an approach that anyone can learn, and should learn, in order to better understand our common humanity, overcome trauma, foster more fulfilled relationships, and unlock untapped potential in virtually every aspect of our lives. All you have to do is think like a horse.
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“In his new book Think Like a Horse, Golliher dishes out all the wisdom he’s gleaned from nearly 50 years as a horse trainer.”New York Post

“Grant Golliher has authored both a how-to for horse lovers and a guide to thoughtful professional and personal leadership for anyone, no matter if you’ve never saddled up. Think Like a Horse shares plenty of gems for navigating life. Its pages are filled with wise words spoken with a cowboy’s inviting drawl… it’s his hard-won horse sense that has given Golliher a unique ability to teach invaluable lessons that anyone can use to live a fuller, more successful life. Sometimes you’ll laugh, sometimes you’ll tear up. You’ll always find yourself not wanting to miss a word of Golliher’s wisdom.” Cowboys & Indians

“As the book’s subtitle suggests, these lessons apply to interpersonal relationships as well as personal and career advancement; beyond that, Golliher paints a beautiful picture of the internal peace that good behavior and kindness can bring, describes the importance of boundaries in teacher-learner relationships, and brings to life an image of the individual strength that trusting relationships can confer. Written in non-preachy, folksy, authentic manner, Golliher’s self-help book has the potential to inspire and transform anyone who reads it.” Library Journal
“This new book shares ‘lessons in life, leadership, and empathy from an unconventional cowboy.’ Veteran horse whisperer Grant Golliher explains how lessons of communication, boundaries, fairness, trust, and respect learned from horses can translate to human interactions too.” Country Living Magazine

“At the heart of Golliher's methods is encouraging people to learn to think like a horse and, using that understanding, to ‘cultivate a willing partnership based on mutual trust and respect, fairness, and clear boundaries.’ Golliher (Chasing a Dream) emphasizes that this is not a proscriptive method or system; instead, it's a philosophy based in empathy for interacting with others in leadership roles and other relationships that can ‘guide you to the right solutions for whatever situation you happen to be in.’” Shelf Awareness

“If your relationships are anything less than stable, read Think Like a Horse and then trot out what you’ve gleaned. Learn from its methods and let its stories rope you in." Daily Jefferson Country Union

“Grant Golliher’s example and the lessons captured in this masterful collection of stories have produced a profound impact in my life. Over the years, his wisdom has inspired me to become a better family member, a more effective business executive, and a committed servant leader in higher education.” —Brad D. Smith, President, Marshall University and former CEO, Intuit
“Executives can read about the principles of good leadership and team building. They can attend conferences or hire coaches. But spending an hour watching a horse whisperer bond with and gain the cooperation of a wild, 1,000-pound horse brings home important leadership lessons in an immediate, profound way.” —Jeanne Sahadi, CNN Business
“I can’t wait for the world to be able to experience Grant’s horse whispering philosophies. I left that demonstration aware of my need to improve my approach to relationships with friends and family, but most importantly, how I raise my children.” —Justin Holiday, NBA Player
"Think Like a Horse is a must-read for anyone who seeks to be a leader with accountability, wisdom, and empathy -- in the world of business and beyond. Whether you're looking to lead more successful teams at work or apply the many gems he shares to your personal life, you cannot go wrong with Grant Golliher's brilliant and thought-provoking book.” —Anita Elberse, Harvard Business School
“Observing Grant work with horses underscored for me that leadership can at the same time be warm yet unyielding, calm but assertive, and both strong and understanding. All leaders, whatever their natural style, can incorporate his philosophy in a myriad of ways as they develop individual talent and build broader teams. I know I strive to do so each and every day.”
-- James G. Conroy, President and Chief Executive Officer of Boot Barn
“I have had several opportunities to watch Grant work with horses. Reading his story and watching his interaction with horses have given me a far greater appreciation for how our boundaries expand rather than limit our reach. A great read and a great experience.” —Rob Vitale, CEO of Post Holdings, Inc.
“Watching Grant at his horse whispering demonstration for nearly an hour was an extraordinary and mesmerizing experience. I was deeply touched spiritually and it moved me for days afterward.”
—Kathie Lee Gifford
Grant Golliher is a horseman and proprietor of the historic Diamond Cross Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he has shown corporate executives, coaches, celebrities, and families from all around the world the skills necessary to tame troubled horses and become leaders and better people.