Your Marriage God's Way: A Biblical Guide to a Christ-Centered Relationship Spiral-Bound | September 21, 2021

Scott LaPierre

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With Your Marriage God’s Way, you’ll learn what the Bible reveals about God’s original design for the unbreakable commitment between a man and a woman, and how you can have a healthy and joyful relationship centered on Christ.

Celebrate the Marriage God Made for You

Your most important earthly connection is with your spouse, and when you honor the person you married, you’re also honoring God. He created marriage to be one of life’s greatest gifts, and the instruction manual you need for a joyful, lasting union is found in His Word.

In Your Marriage God’s Way, author and pastor Scott LaPierre takes a close look at the principles for building a biblical marriage—one in which your relationship with Christ brings guidance and blessing into your relationship with your spouse. You’ll gain the tools to…
  • understand the unique roles and responsibilities of husbands and wives
  • recognize and resolve the conflicts you face with a heart of hope and compassion
  • follow God’s worthy command to love and cherish your spouse unconditionally
Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or you’ve been on the road together for years, Your Marriage God’s Way will provide the helpful and encouraging insights you need to experience marriage as God intends it.
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“Most Christian books on marriage today don’t have much Scripture in them. This one is saturated with the Word of God. If you want a book that is built on the foundation of exposition of Scripture, this is for you. Scott’s practical insights are grounded in the biblical text using biblical language. Your Marriage God’s Way will fill your mind with the pure and perfect Word of God. This is what every marriage needs.”
—Scott T. Brown, pastor, Hope Baptist Church, Wake Forest, NC

Scott LaPierre is a senior pastor, author, and popular conference speaker. He holds an MA in biblical studies from Liberty University. Scott and his wife, Katie, live in Washington State, and God has blessed them with nine children. Learn more about Pastor Scott at his website,, and connect with him on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.