GED Math Test Tutor, For the 2024-2025 GED Test, 2nd Edition: All the Tools You Need to Succeed (2nd Edition, Revised) Spiral-Bound | May 9, 2016

Sandra Rush

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REA's GED® Math Test Tutor - Focus on the most challenging part of the GED® test!
Revised Second Edition - Certified by GED Testing Service® to be 100% aligned and up-to-date for today's GED® test

It's like having your own award-winning tutor…
Test-takers report that the Mathematical Reasoning test is the toughest of all the GED® subjects. That's why REA offers the most complete guide to success on the GED® Math test. (It's the best self-guided GED® math prep in the trade, according to ProCert Labs, a specialist in quality assurance of educational products.)

Written by Sandra Rush, a GED® Math tutor and test expert - This completely updated second edition is certified by GED Testing Service® to be fully aligned with today's GED® test. Our targeted subject review covers all the mathematics topics tested on the exam, including fractions, decimals, percentages, algebra, polynomials, scientific notation, and more.

Know your way around the TI-30XS MultiView calculator - A step-by-step tutorial gets you up and running in no time.

Helpful hints you need to know - Hundreds of hints, shortcuts, and exercises reinforce key math points, including secrets of rounding, calculating with fractions, knowing the difference between domain and range, a neat way to remember negative and absolute values, and much more!

Diagnostic pretest and two full length practice tests - A diagnostic pretest with comprehensive feedback helps you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. Two full-length practice tests feature every type of question, subject area, and skill tested on the GED® Mathematical Reasoning test. Each practice test comes with detailed answer explanations to help you pinpoint where you need more review.

If you're concerned about your math score on the GED® test, you need REA's GED® Math Test Tutor!

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“REA is successful at delivering an easy-to-follow prep package developed specifically for self-study. GED Total Solution (2e) and GED Math Test Tutor (2e) are worthy of the highest consideration for students preparing for their GED exams.” Scott Hoffmann, CEO, ProCert Labs LLC 
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Sandra Rush earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics from Temple University in Philadelphia. While an undergraduate student, she served as a math tutor for members of the basketball team as well as for local public school students. In these early years of her own higher education, she realized that teaching mathematics had a special appeal.

She has taught mathematics and physics from the junior high school to university levels in three states. Sandra has also continued her side career of tutoring and coaching students at all levels. Her one-on- one approach with young adults has yielded excellent results.

Sandra’s interest in education has extended beyond the classroom to the field of publishing, including writing and editing manuals on preparation for standardized tests at all levels. This book is the latest of her efforts to make mathematics both understandable and enjoyable for generations of students.