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The Happy Crab Spiral-Bound |

Layla Palmer, Kevin Palmer, Guy Wolek (Illustrated by)

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In this illustrated children's book, a boy discovers a beautiful, unbroken shell, and just as he decides to keep it as a souvenir, he unexpectedly feels something move inside and is faced with a decision: Keep the crab or let him go. This timeless story is a gentle reminder that true happiness comes from putting someone else's needs before your own.

Happy is an adventurous little crab whose world is suddenly turned upside down (literally!) when a mama and her son discover his large, unbroken shell while on vacation at the beach. After deciding to keep the shell as a souvenir, the boy unexpectedly feels the crab move inside and is suddenly faced with a decision: take him home or let him go. His compassion for the crab and thoughtful decision to release him gently reminds readers of the importance of selflessness and highlights how our environment, relationships, and experiences contribute greatly to our happiness.
The Happy Crab is based on a true story experienced by Kevin, Layla, and their son, Steevenson, and you can see a video of the actual shell and crab at
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Original Binding: Hardcover Paper over boards
Pages: 32 pages
ISBN-10: 0764238558
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Dimensions: 9.0 x 0.1 x 11.0 inches
Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars Up to 30 ratings
Layla Palmer has been writing online at www. for over thirteen years.
Kevin Palmer is a published songwriter who has sold over a million albums worldwide over the past nineteen years. In 2016, they adopted their effervescent Haitian son, Steevenson. A year later, they encouraged Kevin's retired parents to move in with them too. Today, they all live together in Pike Road, Alabama.
Guy Wolek has worked as a freelance illustrator since 1982, doing a variety of work from courtroom sketches to corporate annual reports. His main focus has been children's books, including work on the OliviaTM books and Tony Dungy's children's series. Guy has worked on many successful projects and has no plan to retire, because, he says, "If I were retired I would do the same thing I do now."