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100 Bible Verses That Made America: Defining Moments That Shaped Our Enduring Foundation of Faith Spiral-Bound |

Robert J. Morgan

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Robert J. Morgan explores 100 Bible verses that shaped America, unpacking stories from our nation’s past and reminding us of the importance of Scripture to our nation still today.

Bestselling author Robert Morgan explores 100 Bible verses that powerfully impacted our leaders during defining moments in American history and reflects upon what these verses mean for us as a nation today.

100 Bible Verses That Made America is a tour through the biblical roots of American history—a powerful exploration of our country’s founders, leaders, and the critical moments that laid the foundation for the formation of the USA. Had there been no Bible, there would be no America as we know it. It is the Bible that made America.

When George Washington was sworn into office as our first president, he did not place his hand on the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States, as important as those documents are. Instead, he swore upon and even kissed the Bible to sanctify this important moment. The Bible, Washington knew, had ushered American history to this point.

While not every Founding Father was a Christian, each was knowledgeable about the Bible. And while none of them was perfect, many embraced a deep faith in the unfailing Word of God.

100 Bible Verses That Made America contains:

  • Short, devotional-style chapters, each featuring a Bible verse and how it influenced a historical figure
  • Engaging stories spanning from the Mayflower to modern day
  • Vivid segments that emphasize the Bible as the cornerstone of American history

Journey with Robert J. Morgan as he shares the Bible’s role in the defining moments of American history and its impact on the people of our nation, reminding us of the beauty of faith and country and reigniting our passion for both.

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'America needs this book to point us to the Book! I've always loved biographies and history. Throw in the Gospels, and I'm caught hook, line, and sinker. Americans have long been told the United States and its educational system were founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Robert J. Morgan shares proof of this in a compelling, documented manner. Oh, how we need to return to our biblical foundations. I love this book!' --Dr. Lyn Cook, co-owner, Cooks Pest Control, and author, Employee Number 2

Robert J. Morgan teaches the Bible each week on his podcast, The Robert J. Morgan Podcast, and through his speaking engagements and his books, including: The Red Sea Rules, The Strength You Need, 100 Bible Verses That Made America, The 50 Final Events in World History, and Then Sings My Soul.