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Radical Radiance: 12 Weeks of Self-Love Rituals to Manifest Abundance, Beauty, and Joy Spiral-Bound | June 14, 2022

Angela Jia Kim

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An innovative self-care program that allows the reader to hone their inner and outer beauty with twelve simple rituals based in Korean skincare regimens, from the founder and CEO of Savor Beauty + Spa.

At one time or another we’ve all felt the opposite of radiant: stressed out, stretched thin, imbalanced, or just unhappy. In our unpredictable and chaotic world of today, it’s easy to collapse under the weight of these feelings. And now, more than ever, we also find ourselves spending countless hours in some state of “alone.” During this time, we have a unique opportunity to examine who we truly are, both inside and out, and ask ourselves: do we like what we see?

As founder and CEO of Savor Beauty + Spa, Angela Jia Kim has been studying and perfecting inner and outer beauty her whole life – first as a concert pianist, then at the helm of the Savor Beauty +Spa brand, helping to transform and inspire women everywhere. True beauty, according to Angela, is “radical radiance,” or the illumination of your most authentic self that shines from every pore of your being: your skin, your eyes, your smile, your actions, the way you live, and who you are. It’s about getting to the root of who you truly are and doing the deep inner work necessary for your authentic self to radiate and thrive.

In Radical Radiance, Kim draws upon her Korean heritage to create an innovative self-care program that allows the reader to hone their inner and outer beauty with twelve simple rituals, which can either be followed routinely like a guided course or explored individually as needed. Each ritual allows the reader to target an important area that needs improvement, such as the ability to live authentically, to manifest what they want, or to achieve flow and resilience. Through self-care exercises, thought-provoking questions, and beauty rituals, Radical Radiance teaches readers step-by-step how they can find their true inner beauty and live a life filled with radiance, magic, and happiness.

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