X-MEN BY JONATHAN HICKMAN OMNIBUS Spiral-Bound | March 29, 2022

Jonathan Hickman, Leinil Francis Yu (Illustrated by)

★★★★☆+ from 101 to 500 ratings

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Jonathan Hickman ushered in a new era for all of mutantkind with HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X! Now, he and an array of superstar artists redefine the X-MEN! With the newly founded island nation of Krakoa opening up limitless possibilities and empowering mutantkind at last, humans grapple uncomfortably with the new world order — and the X-Men must defend what they have built! As the X-Men create a new mutant culture and face threats like Hordeculture, Nimrod and the Vault, cosmic chaos descends in the form of the Brood, Starjammers and Shi’ar Imperial Guard! And can Storm beat a deadly threat from within before the clock runs out? Jonathan Hickman brings the X-Men to the world stage! Collecting X-MEN (2019) #1-11 and #16-21; GIANT-SIZE X-MEN: JEAN GREY AND EMMA FROST, NIGHTCRAWLER, MAGNETO, FANTOMEX and STORM and material from INCOMING! #1.
Publisher: Turnaround Publisher Services
Original Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 656 pages
ISBN-10: 1302929984
Item Weight: 4.86 lbs
Dimensions: 7.6 x 1.97 x 11.3 inches
Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars 101 to 500 ratings