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Peppa Phonics Boxed Set (Peppa Pig) Spiral-Bound | July 25, 2017


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Learn to read with Peppa Pig!

Learn to read with 10 Peppa Pig stories and 2 phonics workbooks in a sturdy case with a handle.First-time readers can now follow along with Peppa while they learn their phonics sounds. This set includes 10 Peppa Pig stories written specifically to help children learn short vowel sounds, as well as 2 phonics workbooks to practice--all in a sturdy box with a plastic handle.
Publisher: Scholastic (Trade Publishing)
Original Binding: Multiple Copy Pack
Pages: 16 pages
ISBN-10: 1338139789
Item Weight: 0.36 lbs
Dimensions: 7.8 x 0.35 x 6.3 inches
Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars Up to 30 ratings
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