Scholastic's Guide to Civics: How America Works : Understanding Your Government and How You Can Get Involved Spiral-Bound | July 1, 2020

Elliott Rebhun (Edited by)

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Learning about civics shouldn't be boring. How America Works gives teens a fun, behind-the-scenes look at how the U.S. government works, why they should care and how they can get involved.

But this isn’t just any old civics primer. Appealing graphics and a conversational tone draw readers in from the very first page. Political cartoons and debates spark critical thought. And age-appropriate explanations make even the most complex civics topics accessible and easy to understand. In short, this comprehensive guide has everything teens need to know about government and civic engagement (and probably don’t).
  • 11 easily digestible units
From the Declaration of Independence to civil rights and immigration, How America Works helps readers understand the foundations of our nation and the key civic issues facing America today—without dry or complicated language.
  • Ideas for civic engagement
It’s easy for teens to feel like the government doesn’t matter to them. But when they see their interests and concerns reflected on every page, they’ll feel empowered to get involved. And we’ve got plenty of ideas to help them out.
  • Perfect for teachers or parents
Your middle- and high-school students are the voters, active citizens, and community leaders of tomorrow. When you give them How America Works, you’re giving them a guide to making their voices heard.
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Order now and get access to online videos, lessons and writing extensions that expand on the topics covered in the book.

Here’s what we cover:
The Declaration of Independence
The Constitution
The Bill of Rights
How Washington Works
Supreme Court Cases Every Student Should Know
The Presidency
Why Voting Matters
The Long Struggle for Civil Rights
Immigration: Who Gets to Be an American?
You and the Media
Could You Pass America’s Citizenship Test?
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