You're Not Crazy - It's Your Mother: Understanding and Healing for Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers Spiral-Bound |

Danu Morrigan

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Combines practical resources and personal stories to provide a comforting guide to healing from strained mother-daughter relationships.

Do you find yourself feeling emotionally bruised, upset, and confused after being in contact with your mother? Are you left doubting yourself--even feeling crazy--as she remembers some incidents totally differently than you remember them, and denies that other events even happened? Does it seem she gets frustrated, angry, or upset when good things happen in your life? Does she seem happy and energized if you have a problem or crisis?

Round and round go your feelings, emotions, and half-formed thoughts, till you think you must truly be crazy. And you still end up emotionally bruised, confused, and hurt.

If this resonates with you, it is possible that your mother has narcissistic personality disorder. You're Not Crazy--It's Your Mother explains what NPD is, and what it means for you and your self. This book will help you undertake a journey of recognition and recovery: of moving on, healing, and claiming your own self as the wonderful, vibrant woman you really are.

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Danu Morrigan lives in Dublin and runs the phenomenally popular website Her first book on the subject of narcissistic personality disorder, You're Not Crazy--It's Your Mother, gained high-profile media coverage and has since become a bestseller. She is also an award-winning writer of women's fiction under her real name, Tracy Culleton.