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Finding Calm in Nature: A Guide for Mindful Kids Spiral-Bound |

Jennifer Grant, Erin Brown (Illustrated by)

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A gentle, practical guide to help kids discover the ways nature can help them navigate their feelings

"Let nature be your teacher when your feelings are tangled up in knots."

One way to feel better when we are hurting is to spend time outside. Being in nature is good for both our bodies and our minds.

Each chapter of this practical guide explores a different element of nature and connects it with a mindfulness prompt designed to help kids manage their feelings. From dandelions to spider webs, children will uncover the lessons nature teaches about embracing a growth mindset, the benefits of living in community, and the transformative power of noticing the beauty around them. Breathing exercises, stretching, practicing mindfulness, and keeping a nature notebook are just some of the tools introduced to kids to equip them to navigate their feelings as they spend time outdoors.

Author Jennifer Grant's affirming, kind voice will inspire readers to see the world with fresh eyes--and discover the calm, joy, and wonder waiting just outside their door.

Publisher: 1517 Media
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Pages: 106 pages
ISBN-10: 1506485138
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"Parents, caregivers and teachers will find that this easy-to-read book can serve as a guide and inspiration for being more deliberate about connecting the time spent outdoors to the emotional well-being and awareness of the children in their care and company. Highly recommended." --The Banner

Jennifer Grant is the award-winning author of picture books for children and books for adults. Her books include Maybe God Is Like That Too, Maybe I Can Love My Neighbor Too, and Dimming the Day. Grant's work has appeared in Woman's Day, Chicago Parent, Patheos, and Chicago Tribune. Grant holds a master's degree in English literature with concentrations in creative writing and critical theory from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. A lifelong Episcopalian and mother of four, she lives in Chicago with her husband.