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The Road Away from God: How Love Finds Us Even as We Walk Away Spiral-Bound |

Jonathan Martin

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For those disillusioned with Church and the faith that was handed to them, popular podcast host and writer Jonathan Martin shows that Jesus often meets us in unlikely places--even on our walk away from God.

It's no easy journey disentangling the good news of the gospel from the toxic theologies that have rendered Jesus unrecognizable. It's no wonder the church has sent many walking. 

In The Road Away from God, Jonathan Martin reimagines Luke's story of two disillusioned disciples walking the Emmaus road away from the holy city where they had watched their hope die a gruesome death right before their eyes.

For anyone who is feeling their faith unravel, reckoning with religious trauma, or walking the long road of deconstruction, Martin speaks compassionate hope into the journey of today's disillusioned disciples, revealing that the resurrected Christ is profoundly present with them--even on what seems to be the road away from God.

With "a pastor's heart and poet's touch," as Rachel Held Evans once wrote of Martin, this is a book to help you feel seen in your spiritual journey and all its complexities, and to find resurrection even where you least expect it.
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Jonathan Martin is a writer, poet, and speaker who has undergone his own experience of finding God on the underside of life. Wherever he goes, his message is always the same: no matter who you are, where you've been, or what you've done, God is at work to bring beauty out of your brokenness. He has a ThM from Duke University and MA from The Pentecostal Theological Seminary. Currently he lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where he serves as pastor of The Table and host of The Zeitcast.