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Awaken Your Multidimensional Soul: Conversations with the Z's, Book Two Spiral-Bound |

Lee Harris , Dianna Edwards (With)


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Wisdom for a New World

Lee Harris began channeling the Z’s in 1999 and has since shared their insights with millions around the world through recordings, workshops, and books. Here he offers a unique presentation, one in which psychotherapist Dianna Edwards interviews the Z’s. The result is a riveting way for you to receive these messages and incorporate their wisdom. This second volume of Conversations with the Z’s covers how to:

• amplify your heart energy, which the Z’s call “the most important, abundant, and creational energy on Earth”
• strengthen your connection with angels and guides
• heal from past experiences and let go of fears
• understand and better navigate personal or global states of disharmony

As these conversations persuasively and provocatively show, the Z’s want to help each of us tap into our multidimensional soul and embody the oneness that is our true nature.

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“Lee Harris leads with divine love and deeply embodied wisdom. Through sharing his profound gifts and vision, he gives us all permission to expand as more and to live this challenging experience of being human with grace, power, and an internal harmony that can change the world.”
— Devi Brown, broadcaster, host of the Dropping Gems podcast, author of Crystal Bliss, and chief impact officer at Chopra Global

“Thank you, Lee and your wonderful guides, for taking the time and energy to create this offering for us all. I just opened the book to a random page, and the message I got was exactly the answer to a question I have been carrying. We usually can’t take the cosmic answers to our human questions fully in, but once in a while, the answer goes straight in and transforms us forever. This book has the power to do just that.”
— Deva Premal, Grammy-nominated devotional singer

“Lee Harris’s book series, Conversations with the Z’s, is a fascinating dialogue that offers a rich new perspective on the underlying energies at work and play in our world, the meaning of our relationships, and the journey of our souls here on Earth. Illuminating and insight-full, this book will marvelously remind you how precious this life is and how vast we all are!”
— SARK, bestselling author of Succulent Wild Woman, artist, and speaker

Conversations with the Z’s is a journey of profound wisdom and awe-inspiring insights. An extraordinary guide for conscious living and deep inner transformation, this is an invaluable resource tool for recognizing your personal power and finding your true self. A must-read.”
— Anita Moorjani, New York Times bestselling author of Dying to Be Me

“Lee Harris has once again crafted a timely masterpiece to assist us in our efforts to thrive, transcend, and transform. This book is so easy to access and enjoy. I am already looking forward to the next one.”
— Paul Samuel Dolman, author and host of the What Matters Most podcast

Lee Harris is a globally acclaimed energy intuitive, channeler, and musician who offers grounded, practical teachings focused on helping conscious, intuitive, and sensitive people heal, thrive, and live a better life. His acclaimed online events, members’ community The Portal, and top 50 podcast Impact the World are adventures into the deepest aspects of living, loving, and awakening. He lives in Southern California.

Dianna Edwards is a psychotherapist and award-winning author.