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Practical Pottery: 40 Pottery Projects for Creating and Selling Mugs, Cups, Plates, Bowls, and More (Pottery & Ceramics Sculpting Techniques) Spiral-Bound | October 27, 2020

Jon Schmidt

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Practical Pottery is setup to teach you the essential photographic reference for beginners. Filled with the basics on getting started, equipment, materials, clay constructions, and more, this book offers insight into embarking on a new creative adventure. You’ll learn: - A step-by-step photographic sequence guide to be as comprehensive as possible. - projects that range from beginner to expert allowing you to put the new skills to work. - Include 70 projects that reflect new and old concepts from Jon’s wildly successful YouTube channel. - Highly photographic

Learn Pottery, Create Art, Make Money

“… a great reference book for pottery basics, particularly if you’ve started throwing on a wheel…” ―Jackie KeerSplash Magazines

#1 Bestseller in Pottery & Ceramics and Sculpture
#1 Most Wished for in Pottery & Ceramic Craft

Explore the satisfying world of clay sculpting, master pottery techniques, and delve into the business side of selling pottery, from functional everyday ceramics to exquisite handmade works.

Transform clay into usable artistry. Learn pottery and ceramics from the basic principles of pottery making to crafting your own mugs, cups, plates, and bowls. Discover the delight of shaping ceramic clay into practical yet beautiful pieces that enhance everyday life.

Profit from your pottery passion. Not only does this book provide instruction on creating functional ceramics, but it also offers insights into making a living from your pottery projects. Learn the art of marketing and selling your hand-crafted pottery and discover the potential of this timeless craft.

Inside, you'll discover:

  • Practical, hands-on tutorials for creating a range of pottery projects, from mugs to plates and bowls
  • Essential tips on pottery techniques, including throwing, hand-building, and glazing ceramics
  • Valuable insights into marketing and selling your handmade pottery pieces
  • Guidance on transforming your pottery passion into a profitable venture

If you liked books such as Mastering Hand Building, Amazing Glaze, or Sell Your Crafts Online, then you'll love Jon Schmidt's Practical Pottery: 40 Pottery Projects for Creating and Selling Mugs, Cups, Plates, Bowls, and More.

Publisher: Mango Publishing Group
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Jon Schmidt is a potter and entrepreneur who owns the Mocha Monkey coffeehouses in Minnesota, where everything is served on handmade pottery. Jon is also a well-know YouTuber ( and pottery influencer, creating videos weekly to change the pottery industry. He strives to impact the world by inspiring others to live out their dreams and make the world unique, one pot at a time.