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Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women: Real Stories from Inspirational, Artistic, and Empowered Women (True Life Stories, Beautiful Photography) Spiral-Bound | March 28, 2023

Angela LoMenzo, Kathy Rose (Foreword by), James LoMenzo (By (photographer))

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Angela LoMenzo couples beautiful photography with true life stories documented in powerful interviews from a diverse group of accomplished women. These real stories encourage women to dig deep into their own creative lives!

Real Stories from Wildly Creative Women

“If you need an extra boost of bravery, read this book! If you want to simply feel more positive about the world, read this book!” —Sherry Richert Belul, founder of Simply Celebrate and author of Say It Now

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Angela LoMenzo combines stunning photography and powerful real stories documented from interviews with a diverse group of accomplished women that encourages us to dig deep into our own creative lives!

Women from all walks of life. Artists, musicians, authors, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, and others from a multitude of creative careers share their experiences with depression, bullying, infertility, cancer, assault, loss of loved ones, drug addiction, and many other issues women often do not have a safe space to talk about. These stories show you just how real life is.

Powerful affirmations and true-life stories to empower you. This book is packed with words of wisdom from women who have both overcome adversity and achieved an authentic life honoring their individuality and freedom of personal expression. Their real stories illustrate that it is possible to live the life you have always desired now.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Words of wisdom and beautiful photography of wildly creative women
  • Raw and authentic interviews featuring stories by women redefining the role of a woman
  • And much more!

If you're looking for unique gifts for women who have everything or if you like books such as WomenIn the Company of Women, Collective Wisdom, or A Room of Her Own, you need to read Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women!

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”LoMenzo, creative director at a video/music production company and a meditation instructor, collects biographical sketches of 25 women known for their various innovative endeavors. The spectrum of their careers spans the well-known creative fields of art, writing, design, music, acting, photography, hairdressing, and makeup artistry, to fields not traditionally thought of as artistic or creative, such as technology, podcasting, and yoga. In short, impactful chapters, these women discuss how their various experiences of accidents, illness, addiction, abuse, and neglect fueled their ambition and success. They overcame and learned from these experiences through a mixture of therapies and treatments, along with massive support from their current friends and family. While the subject matter can sometimes be intense, the overall atmosphere of the book is loving, supportive, and positive. VERDICT: LoMenzo’s book is not a step-by-step self-help manual but rather a soothing inspirational guide that readers can binge-read in one or two sittings or savor slowly.”
—Aspasia Luster, Library Journal

“I can so relate to these very courageous, strong women. I became a band’s manager in the ‘80s and dared to step into a ‘Man’s World.’ How dare I? I was told so many times, ‘You can’t manage a band, only men can do this job,’ but Sharon Osbourne and I proved them all wrong and opened the door. This is a book of truly beautiful, uplifting words and photographs. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these incredible women’s stories and highly recommend it.”
—Wendy Dio, president and owner of Niji Entertainment Group, producer, coauthor of Rainbow in the Dark: The Autobiography, and president and founder of the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund

“There is an alchemist within each of us and an abundance of artistic prowess in these pages. A deeply inspirational writer, Angie LoMenzo’s storytelling provokes a love and reverence for the lives of each of these creative women. Out of our life obstacles, adversity, and loss can come wisdom, greater integrity, immense power, and creative freedom. The fearless life stories and spirit within each of these magnificent women shows us to trust in divinity and to follow our passion and our artistic reveries. From rock stars, designers, songwriters, actors, photographers, speakers, artists, and creators across the gamut, we see we are connected and empowered by our artistic vision. This exquisite book honors all aspects of living a wildly creative life; as the author herself writes, ‘Look to the harmony in nature’s chaos: when the storm hits, the rain is our tears—the wind our resistance—the destruction our pain. Once it passes, there is the opportunity for new growth: the air is cleansed, the soil is nourished, and the brightness of the sun restored.’ ”
Nina Morgan-Jones, designer & owner of the award-winning clothing line ROMP

“This beautiful book rightly reminds me that any ability to love, to see, to create endlessly, was given to me by my mother and grandmother. It is a joy to see so many women I admire making such a beautiful contribution to healing and helping the world.”
Kristian Nairn, actor (Game of ThronesOur Flag Means Death), musician, DJ, and creative artist

“From the furthest depths of the ocean and widest expanses of artistry imaginable to aerialists soaring to the absolute pinnacle of creativity, the boundary-breaking visionaries contained in this book will inspire you to take up your own pen, brush, or instrument (and maybe even tattoo gun) and explore your own genius. Every single woman in this book is a badass and an exemplar of fearlessness, courage, resilience, and, above all, feminine power. Angela LoMenzo’s book is itself a work of art filled with stunning photographs, clearly crafted with heart and marvelous storytelling. Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women is just brilliant. Get a copy for yourself and every woman you love.”
Becca Anderson, author of the bestselling book Badass Affirmations

“In a world that can sometimes feel parched—thirsty for creativity and joy—this book by Angela LoMenzo is a fountain of juicy stories about inspiring women. The author introduces us to more than two dozen courageous and trailblazing artists, teachers, and entrepreneurs from all walks of life who live with generous hearts and spirits that we can all learn from. If you want to know that a little more zest is possible for you, read this book! If you need an extra boost of bravery, read this book! If you want to simply feel more positive about the world, read this book!”
Sherry Richert Belul, founder of Simply Celebrate and author of Say It Now

“Having played and recorded with artists such as Lady Gaga, Melissa Etheridge, Stevie Nicks, Celine Dion, Loretta Lynn, Reba McEntire, Alanis Morissette, and Dolly Parton, I know firsthand there is no greater force than the power of a creative woman. The transformational journeys of the women featured in this book will deeply inspire the creative power in you! Read it, feel it, then set the world on fire.”
Kenny Aronoff, world-renowned drummer, author, and speaker

“This book is a rallying cry to all creatives who need an inspiring pep talk from a sisterhood of badass (successful) women. Creativity, grit, resilience, and motivation—THE book that every girl needs in a moment of turmoil and in celebration of her triumphs!”
Jeneda Benally, award-winning bassist and singer, actor, traditional Dine' Navajo dancer, activist, and radio host

Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women is a beautifully written, inspiring tribute to incredible women who dared to trust their creative sparks—and find their authentic voices—despite facing hardship and adversity. If you’re looking for a book that will inspire you to use your creative power, this is it.”
Kiersten Hathcock, author of Little Voices and founder/CEO of Mod Mom Furniture

“This unique look into the personal lives of such supremely strong, creative women is wonderfully inspiring and truly insightful! Each of these women is a powerful example of courage, strength, and the exuberant perseverance of their creative nature. The Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women holds and highlights the beautiful humanity behind the grit and innovation it takes to collaborate with life and allow creativity’s wisdom to guide the way!”
Brandi Milne, painter, artist, and author of So Good for Little Bunnies and Frölich

“Angela LoMenzo’s delightful and thought-provoking book will galvanize your feminine and creative energies in ways that lead to clarity, excitement, and empowerment. The insightful stories of the visionary trailblazers included in The Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women will move you; they will connect you with your own innovative self, inspiring you to become a powerful force in the world.”
M.J. Fievre, coauthor of The Book of Awesome Black Women and Female, Gifted, and Black

The Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women is an AWE-inspiring read. I went from crying to laughing, with everything in-between. There is something magical about how Angela LoMenzo weaves the stories of these women into one cohesive message about the beauty that comes with following one’s passions. I definitely felt amped and ready to take action after reading their heartfelt stories.”
Rachael Wolff, podcaster, speaker, and author of Letters from a Better Me

“Life is about building yourself and turning moments into memories and experiences as you navigate through the good, bad, and the unfortunate ugly in the world. To connect the ‘dots’ on your life’s journey is key—you eventually gravitate towards those that resonate on the highest level with you. Being a Badass Warrior Princess is work: all these magical women have taken risks and show how we all fall and get back up again—constantly. Do the work and surround yourself with women that support you and want to see you shine.”
Yael Rallis, drummer, Desert Dome Studio CEO, documentary film director, and moto traveler

“In The Wisdom of Wildly Creative Women, Angela LoMenzo shares the breathtaking journeys, harrowing turning points, and triumphs of courageous and creative women. Their lives spark a passion that will entice readers to start their own novels, businesses, sculptures, or bands. The inspirational stories are revealed in an intimate and engaging way that connects the reader on a deeply personal level. A truly captivating read!”
Katherine Turman, journalist and coauthor of Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal 

Angela LoMenzo grew up in an interfaith and multicultural environment, surrounded by a family of artists, musicians, and an Academy Award-winning grandfather. In one house, she had her father, the son of a Hungarian Greek Catholic Priest and a classical violinist who co-founded the Los Angeles Pops Orchestra. In the other house, she lived with her bohemian artist mother and Jewish Moroccan stepfather, a bassist whose band toured with The Doors.

This diverse exposure as a child helped to develop her core values of unity, equality, and the belief that we are all interconnected as one. She is fiercely passionate about women's issues and human rights, as well as advocating for animals and the environment. Writing, art, and photography have been her outlet for self-expression for as long as she can remember.

Angela has been a makeup artist for over thirty years, working in television, music videos, print, and photography. In 1993 she married her soul mate, veteran bassist James LoMenzo. Spending her entire life in a community of uniquely talented artists has kept her firmly rooted in a creative lifestyle. She lives in her native Los Angeles with James and rescue pup Lita. The two have a daughter, Zoe Rose, who is a graphic artist and illustrator. When Angela is not writing, she is the creative director and makeup artist at Monster House Productions, the video/music production company she started with James in 2012. She recently became certified as a Chopra Meditation Instructor to help people learn the healing benefits of meditation both physically and mentally.