Children's Encyclopedia of Ocean Life Spiral-Bound | April 15, 2020

Claudia Martin

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Dive into an amazing underwater world with this extraordinary visual encyclopedia. Packed full of fascinating facts, stunning sea life photography and useful animal profiles, this book is perfect for children aged 8+.

Whether shark mad, dotty for dolphins or orca obsessed, this extraordinary encyclopedia has all you need to know about life beneath the ocean.

Full of fascinating facts and stunning sea life photography, this book covers everything from the ocean shores to deep sea creatures. Find out why octopuses release ink, why clownfish live in anemone tentacles and where can you find a halloween crab.

Based on the latest research, this definitive guide to ocean life includes easy-to-follow information on anatomy and behavior of sea creatures. It also includes fun fact-boxes, with information you wouldn't believe! Perfect for children working on a school project, or simply the ocean obsessed, the Children's Encyclopedia of Ocean Life is a brilliant guide for kids aged 8+.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Arcturus Children's Reference Library uses stunning photography, fabulous facts and useful diagrams to introduce a variety of subjects - from the animal kingdom to space. Great to dip into, these reference guides are a staple for any child's bookshelf.

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Claudia Martin is a highly respected author of non-fiction for children and young adults, with an exceptional talent for making complex ideas accessible. She specializes in the subjects of geography, science, and the natural world. Her books have been translated into 14 languages and have sold over a quarter of a million copies. She lives in London