The History of Graphic Design. 40th Ed.  (Multilingual edition) Spiral-Bound |

Jens Müller, Julius Wiedemann (Edited by)

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In questo volume, Jens Müller ripercorre 130 anni di storia del graphic design e della sua evoluzione dal tardo XIX secolo a oggi, passando per il boom economico del secondo dopoguerra. Alle schede a doppia pagina che illustrano i singoli anni si accompagnano articoli approfonditi su decine di progetti fondamentali e profili dei leader del settore.

Through the turbulent passage of time, graphic design—with its vivid, neat synthesis of image and idea—has distilled the spirit of each age. Surrounding us every minute of every day, from minimalist packaging to colorful adverts, smart environmental graphics to sleek interfaces: graphic design is as much about transmitting information as it is about reflecting society’s cultural aspirations and values.With his sweeping knowledge of the field, author Jens Müller curates the standout designs for each year, a running sequence of design milestones. This collection of important graphic works represents a long-overdue reflection on the development of a creative field constantly changing and challenging itself. These key pieces act as coordinates through contemporary history, helping us trace the sheer influence of graphic design on our daily lives.

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“Jens Müller ambitiously traces not only the evolution of an industry, but also the arc of our aesthetics.” -TIME Magazine

Jens Müller was born in Koblenz, Germany, in 1982 and studied graphic design. Recipient of numerous national and international design awards, he is creative director of Vista design studio in Düsseldorf and professor of corporate design at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Author and editor of several books, Müller researches the history of graphic design and corporate identity.