El obstáculo es el camino: El arte inmemorial de convertir las pruebas en triunfo Spiral-Bound | April 1, 2020

Ryan Holiday

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Como expone Ryan Holiday en este revelador volumen, los obstáculos no son sólo instancias en el camino que debemos vencer: también pueden ser una fuente de inspiración y, aún más, una herramienta para convertir las crisis en oportunidades, y los reveses en escalones para el éxito.

Obstacles are not merely objects in our path that we need to overcome. They can also be a source of inspiration, or even a tool for turning crisis into opportunity and setbacks into steps to success.
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"The book on stoicism that’s taking the NFL by storm." —Sports Illustrated, on the English language edition
Ryan Holiday is an American writer, marketer, and entrepreneur interested in personal and corporate development. He is the media editor for the New York Observer and has written for Forbes, The Huffington Post, and others. He also wrote Trust Me, I'm Lying.